• Mike Navarro – Home Brewer

    Posted on by dsmith in Recommendations.

    “The ESF brew kit is a truly exceptional piece of brewing equipment. The system I bought enables me to brew 60l batches with temperature control to ensure consistency – and the mash / sparge process actually helps me extract more sugars into the final wort than previously. The end to end process is simple and a joy throughout- got to say I did previously hate sparging but now it’s as enjoyable as the rest of the process – and the final result does speak for itself…. Truly great beer every time!
    Mark and Karen were very helpful throughout and helped me source extra equipment such as a chiller unit as well as choose the best fermenter fir my needs. Brilliant service. Would recommend to any brewer either wanting to step up and go for a bigger brew batch, wanting a simpler process or desiring more consistency.
    You still have to clean down and bottle the beer up – but I guess you can’t have everything!
    Only thing I would change….. Is to have gone for an even bigger model.
    Great system that looks stunning… A real work of functional art!!”

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