Horncastle Ales




Like all pubs, we knew that the future was far from rosy. We needed something to give the business a lift that would last and give an opportunity for the business to grow.

As we were, it was up and down all the time, never being able to sustain any real growth. It felt like dead man’s shoes waiting for other outlets to close to enable us to gain more market share.

Our love of ale led us to the decision to go for broke and try and put a Microbrewery into old outbuildings to the rear of our establishment.

We endured all the trials and tribulations of obtaining planning consent which took an age. Then it was the arduous process of sourcing the equipment and satisfying the conditions of the planning officers.

It turned out to be a very expensive minefield, with demands, deposits and timescales that were really quite unrealistic.

Over a beer one night at the bar lamenting my impending woes a good friend said, I know someone that might be able to help’. That was my introduction to Mark and Karen. Out of the blue I called them and made my introductions. From that point everything that had to be done was solved in a professional manner. The size, cost and delivery times put firmly into place which made our budgeting far easier.

Even the issues with the planners were resolved and the aesthetics were just right.

We went to see our equipment before delivery and given a once over to make sure all was ok. Then we accepted the equipment on site only to be let down by local tradesmen on the day to help fit and commission the brewery.

I sent out an SOS to Mark who travelled from Swindon to Horncastle to fit the brewery and had it up and running for our inaugural brew.

Our daughter, the brewer set to work from that point to lift our business to a new level.

This is not where it stops, since our first brew we have had many problems, things break and things wear out while modifications and technology advances. At all times both Mark and Karen have responded to our calls for help to keep us going and improving our end result.

It is difficult to quantify good service and advice, but Mark and Karen along with the team at Elite Stainless Fabrications has reached a level we never expected. We are indebted to them all.

Horncastle Ales is now on the verge of expansion to which we thank Mark and Karen for being part of.

Our utmost thanks, Ross and Sally Ellis, Horncastle Ales.

Harrogate Brewing Co


We’ve been using our ES Fabs brew kit for about 4 years and love it.

It’s a well built, simple to use kit, and the quality welding makes it easer to clean than others I’ve used.

We’re a small brewery but we’ve won several awards using the ES kit and when we upgrade to a larger one, we’ll be checking ESF before anyone else.

Anton – Harrogate Brewing Co


Mini Micro Brewery

I am so pleased with my very own mini Micro Brewery that ESF created for me when I started working for them.  I’ve always wanted my own unique unit and that is exactly what Mark has delivered. It sits perfectly on my desk for all to see!

Abby, ESF

Matt – Home brewer, Nottingham

Having decided, to turn a flight of fancy into reality, I began researching professional brewery equipment manufacturers. I saw some images of ESF products and the research was over. Being a home brewer shouldn’t have to mean ill fitting ugly equipment. At a reasonable price with great customer service I ended up with a home brewery that would be the envy of anyone who hadn’t also been to ESF. Everything works as it should and the equipment is built to last. Could not be more happy. Fourth beer brewed on this equipment so far. If you want surprisingly affordable and top quality brewery equipment then check these guys out. If only I could justify a 5BBL setup !!!


Nottingham Matt.  

Falkland BeerWorks

 I’ve had the 2 Barrell for 4 years and completed around 140 brews and not one failure. Such a great and simple piece of kit to use and keep clean. – Jeff Halliday via Facebook


Corinium Ales

We have been using Elite’s products since we started five years ago on a 100litre unit; then a 1BBL plant and soon a 2BBL plant that is being slightly modified so we can get it through our brewery door!  Their products are manufactured to a very high standard and are beautiful, functional and robust and their customer service has been second to none. We thoroughly recommend them to you

– Lucy & Colin, Corinium Ales



Mr Bees Brewery Ltd

ES Fabrications have been invaluable towards me starting up my brewery.  The kit is excellent quality, robust and straight forward to use.  This has been essential towards enabling me to produce high quality beer – consistently.  The after service has also been excellent, which is why I have been back to Mark and Karen when I wanted to increase my production capacity and increase the number of fermenters.   Buying the right brewhouse was incredibly important to me – and I am very glad (and relieved) that I bought mine through ES Fabrications. https://www.mrbeesbrewery.co.uk/

Anthony – Weighbridge Brewhouse

The Weighbridge Brewhouse Micro Brewery
The Weighbridge Brewhouse Micro Brewery

“Elite have been fantastic right from the planning stage to the present day. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a brewery created to suit your own requirements and property type, they have been very helpful with the installation and after sales service also”

The Weighbridge Brewhouse

Mike Navarro – Home Brewer

“The ESF brew kit is a truly exceptional piece of brewing equipment. The system I bought enables me to brew 60l batches with temperature control to ensure consistency – and the mash / sparge process actually helps me extract more sugars into the final wort than previously. The end to end process is simple and a joy throughout- got to say I did previously hate sparging but now it’s as enjoyable as the rest of the process – and the final result does speak for itself…. Truly great beer every time!
Mark and Karen were very helpful throughout and helped me source extra equipment such as a chiller unit as well as choose the best fermenter fir my needs. Brilliant service. Would recommend to any brewer either wanting to step up and go for a bigger brew batch, wanting a simpler process or desiring more consistency.
You still have to clean down and bottle the beer up – but I guess you can’t have everything!
Only thing I would change….. Is to have gone for an even bigger model.
Great system that looks stunning… A real work of functional art!!”

Shed Ales

“Elite Stainless Steel Fabrications manufacture high quality products with an excellent finish. I have always found Mark to be very helpful and flexible. I have had two brewing systems and I could not recommend them highly enough”

From Gordon – Shed Ales. 1BBL Plant